COVID-19 Response – Spring Semester 2022

JONES International University

Georgia Ann Bicknell

Master of Education for Adult Educators and Administrators

My experience with Jones International University® (JIU®) was wonderful. The coursework in Adult Education/e-Learning Technology was very practical and allowed me to work with senior members of our staff at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). My experience with this team greater enriched my thinking, research skills, and creating educational products. The experiences that I had with fellow classmates and professors working in adult education also expanded my thinking regarding the practicality and value of online learning. The content of the coursework and the convenience of working from home definitely allowed me to be able to finish the program in a period of time comparable to living on campus. JIU, thank you for contributing to my success and the opportunity to apply for, and receive, the prestigious Worldwide Who’s Who award by the Commandant during the Commander’s Call at DEOMI.

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