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JONES International University

Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in business administration degree program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of business theories and models and their application to real-world problems, with a focus on:

  • Analysis of business problems and opportunities.
  • Key business functions, such as leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Analysis and implementation of business decisions and theories.
  • Students learn to connect business concepts to the larger global society, with preparation for a clear career path within the field of business. They are provided a solid preparation to continue to graduate studies in business administration or related fields.

It’s important to note that each student will be connected with a personal Program Advisor at the commencement of their studies, who will remain with them until graduation. The student’s personal Program Advisor acts as his/her support system throughout their studies. The personal Program Advisor will be happy to answer any questions the student may have, offer academic advice, discuss course selection, and offer encouragement throughout the student’s studies.

Master of Business Administration

Jones International University Master of Business Administration offers a hands-on approach to both business and community leadership, as part of a cutting-edge and stimulating educational experience. JIU MBA instills the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to pursue personal and professional goals, as well as excel in today’s diverse organizations. Its graduates are positioned to thrive in business, industry, government, and nonprofit management.

The combination of the international student body, instructors from top universities worldwide, and high-quality education ensure an exceptional learning experience.

Courses are nine weeks in length, and students may take as many as three courses each term. The MBA can be completed in as little as six terms, or fifteen months of full-time study. Students also have the flexibility to enroll for part-time study and take one course per term.

JIU considers both what applicants have achieved in the past and what the evidence suggests they have the potential to achieve in the future. And, in keeping with its mission, admits students from all parts of the globe – creating a student body that mirrors today’s diverse society.

To learn more about the Master of Business Administration, please read through the course catalog.

The Program:

  • Provides an understanding of the key sociological, psychological and organizational concepts and theories necessary for effective leadership and management
  • Covers the knowledge and skills needed to plan, structure, manage, and monitor organizations
  • Introduces methods for improving productivity, responsiveness, quality, and customer/client satisfaction
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of operational areas and their functions, processes, and interrelationships
  • Develops cross-cultural awareness and an understanding of the globality of today’s economy
  • Fosters an ability to act creatively and be a driver for change
  • Instills an appreciation for the importance of legal and ethical behavior on the part of the organization and its members
  • Nurtures student potential and promotes increased self-awareness and growth
  • Supports the development of networks among peers from around the globe

Students Learn How To:

  • Analyze core business processes
  • Think systemically
  • Manage the decision process
  • Prepare economic analyses
  • Position organizations for a competitive advantage
  • Formulate strategic and tactical direction
  • Understand the effective uses of technology
  • Support and encourage a culture of innovation
  • Manage conflict and foster collaboration
  • Apply techniques for delegation and empowerment
  • Understand the influence of culture and globalization on organizations
  • Work in groups and display enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Effectively communicate within an organization
  • Function in an ethical manner
  • Take ownership of their own personal and professional growth

Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a rigorous research-based program that will prepare proven business professionals to expand their breadth of knowledge and abilities in leadership, innovation, and customer engagement. The 61-credit-hour program has been designed to equip students to apply evidence-based solutions to the challenges presented by the dynamic complexity of the contemporary global economy.

The JUI DBA is designed to prepare individuals to

  • Transition into an academic position in either a full or part-time role;
  • Advance in their current careers through the development of evidence-based tools for improving organizational effectiveness;
  • Develop advanced skills in organizational analysis in a variety of management consulting roles.