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Corporate Partner

NEW IDEA International Education was established in 2018 and is headquartered at IMT Building in Shenzhen, and now have branches in Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu.

NEW IDEA is a platform that provides higher education services at home and abroad, providing students with one-stop services and innovative education solutions for studying abroad or studying in China programs. Empowering business elites, executives of enterprises and institutions, and enterprises with degree education, cultivating management elites with global strategic vision and innovative thinking for various industries and organizations in China.

NEW IDEA has a strong and professional service team and has become an international academy with complete master’s and doctoral programs and a considerable scale in the international higher education section. NEW IDEA is also committed to building O2O smart education and building an integrated online and offline master’s and doctoral teaching platform.

The cooperation programs are as following:

  • Master of Business Administration,
  • Master of Communication,
  • Master of Education,
  • Master of Science in Law & Policy,
  • Master of Psychology,
  • Master of Health Care Management,
  • Master of Information Technology Management,
  • Master of Computer Science,
  • Master of Engineering Management,
  • Master of Fine Art
  • Doctor of Business Administration,
  • Doctor of Information Technology Management,
  • Doctor of Computer Science,
  • Doctor of Engineering Management,
  • PhD in Education,
  • PhD in Jurisprudence,
  • PhD in Psychology,
  • PhD in Health Care Management,
  • PhD in Medical Management
  • PhD in Banking and Finance,
  • PhD in Financial Management,
  • PhD in Digital Marketing

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