COVID-19 Response – Spring Semester 2022

JONES International University

College of Business and Economics

The mission of the Jones International University College of Business and Economics is to prepare and encourage value-centered professionals to be committed to an entrepreneurial spirit, ethical focus and global orientation. We do this by combining extensive, reality-based experiences with specialized academic courses.

As economies change throughout the globe, students can take advantage of curricula designed and complemented by business professionals from manufacturing, merchandising and service firms, as well as non-profit organizations. The instruction in ethical business decisions and practices we provide will train students to not only look at the bottom line, but also to understand how each and every decision they make affects the world in which they live.

Small class sizes allow you to have an understanding of the structures and actual conditions of business in an academic environment. Our outstanding faculty develops the essential one-on-one interaction with each student that helps future business leaders enhance their public speaking abilities and critical management skills. Entrepreneurial ideas are discussed and developed into business applications that encourage a thorough understanding of the sound business and monetary policies that create successful organizations.

As part of a unique experience at JIU’s, all senior business majors are required to compete in the Colorado Governor’s Cup Business Plan competition as part of their curriculum. The Governor’s Cup is a statewide collegiate business plan competition that simulates the real world process of researching a market, writing a business plan and making a presentation to potential investors. Teams from JIU have consistently competed well, with many making it through to the final round.



Ron Diggs, PhD – Associate Professor

Angela James, PhD, CPA – Associate Professor, Department Chair 

Anita Poole-Endsley, JD, LLM – Associate Professor 

Mayda Shorney, PhD, CPA – Associate Professor  

Ghaleb Trad, CHE, CHA, PMP- Instructor 

Br. Damien Whalen, O.S.B., PhD – Associate Professor