COVID-19 Response – Spring Semester 2022

JONES International University

College of Humanities and Social Science

The College of Humanities and Social Science showcases the broad liberal arts focus of JIU’s by challenging students to enhance critical thinking and develop effective speaking and research skills essential to numerous career paths. Active engagement in high-quality creative writing distinguishes JIU’s students in their perceptive approach to literature and in the Catholic tradition of values that will enrich their intellectual life and increase their individual usefulness to society.

Students pursuing a degree in History can actively engage, interact with and learn from some of the greatest minds and texts of human history in small, discussion-based classes. Rewarding careers in Social and Linguistics Arts are available to individuals who are guided on their intellectual journey by faculty who are personally committed to each and every student.

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Kristina Booker, PhD. – Assistant Professor  

Marcel Brown, PhD – Assistant Professor  

Anna ‘Katie’ Egging, PhD. – Assistant Professor  

Ron Faulk, PhD – Professor    

Eric Gray, PhD – Associate Professor  

Jeff Johnson, PhD – Associate Professor  

Tash Smith, PhD – Assistant Professor, Department Chair