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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Numerous studies have shown that online students perform equally well as or better than their counterparts on-campus. Thomas L. Russell’s study The No Significant Difference Phenomenon (2001, IDECC, fifth edition) cites 355 research reports, papers, and summaries from as far back as 1928 that found no appreciable differences between online and in-person learning. When a difference was found, it typically favored the student who was enrolled in distance learning.

No. A formal, conventional diploma from Jones International University will be awarded to you. Your diploma and academic record will be of the same caliber as that of students who graduate on-campus.

Yes. Those who meet the requirements can receive financial aid. For more information, go to the website’s section on tuition and financial aid.

Yes. For additional information about Jones International University, please see the Accreditation page.

Jones International University Online offers Bachelor, Master, Ph.D and Doctoral programs in various disciplines. The programs durations depends on totals credits. For more info details visit program page.

Yes, you’re welcome to take a single course or series of courses via an Individual Course Program enrollment. As JIU is a regionally accredited institution, the courses you take here are easily transferred to other accredited universities and the courses credits you earn may be applied toward a degree program at any time.

Each course is divided into weekly modules. Each week you will complete an online instruction unit, reading assignment, participate in the forum discussion, and either write a paper or work on an individual or group project. You must complete all assignments during the assigned week, before the class moves on to the next module.


Yes. Jones International University accepts transfer credits from accredited universities. Credits based on work experience or professional certifications are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition varies by degree program and type. Please visit our tuition page for additional information.

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